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Leave a cigarette in 4 steps

Leave a cigarette in 4 steps

Briniti about your health
How to quit smoking at 4 korakaKako to quit smoking
How we all became aware today that the enjoyment of tobacco smoke can cause many diseases, dry skin, and even one of the major factors to cause cellulite more people are deciding to leave cigarettes.

If you belong to the group of those who want to quit smoking, but do not know how here’s some advice on how you can easily do:
1st Choose a day when you stop smoking

Specify the date when you will stop smoking should be your first step to make the plan more specific. When selecting the note that this date is not far away so that time you do not lose motivation.

Make sure that your partner, friends and work colleagues to be informed about your intentions, because it may provide extra motivation, and those who are considerate will certainly make an effort and you do not lead into temptation.
2nd Begin to exercise and eat healthy hranuKako to leave a cigarette
consumption of cigarettes or any tobacco product and a healthy life does not go together. Many people have realized that when they are dedicated to their health and physical fitness have become less interested in tobacco. Something very simple like going into a long walk each day or eating salads for lunch are a step in the right direction.

If you get bored during the walk, or you need a company, make sure you take a walk or interesting at the end of the region with lots of greenery to relax and your mind focused on something positive.
3rd Avoid themselves to situations in which typically “burn”

For many, going out in town or just going for a drink with friends is a situation where you cigareteposegnuti How to leave for a cigarette. The risk of deviation from the intention to quit smoking is greater if you are in a position to drink alcohol.

What I suggest is to keep it away from large socijlnih events, the first stage of withdrawal. At least, until you feel strong enough to say no to cigarettes even if you previously had a few drinks.
4th Professional help
If all else fails or you think you will succumb before the decision, check with your doctor or a professional institution which is specialized for idvukavanje smoking. They will point to treatments and means you’ll be able to compensate nicotine. These funds will be used until you feel that you are sufficiently strengthened to lead a life free of tobacco smoke.

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